Covid-19 Updates

All updates for classes, camps, and more will be posted here as we have them.

Mask requirements have been lifted at all outdoor locations including the indoor BEST Sports Facility.

Parents, Cities and Coaches,

In order to facilitate a safe environment for everyone and to follow many City Parks and Rec protocols we are providing you this outline delineating how Beginners Edge Sports Training is Encouraging and Educating everyone so we all can feel comfortable participating in classes.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND: Participating in a Beginners Edge Sports Training program is a choice. Participants understand that by participating in classes, camps and or clinics where other people other than your child are present, that you, the parent take ALL inherent responsibility for the health and safety of your child. Classes, Camps and Clinics and all other programs offered and instructed by Beginners Edge Sports Training, LLC Coaches will provide the safest conditions as possible but please be aware we are NOT able to stop adult interaction, children interacting with others or any other factors. Beginners Edge Sports Training will take the necessary steps below in instructing Parents and Coaches on how to conduct themselves before, during and after classes to provide the safest program possible. The guidelines below are a combination of MANY city guidelines we have been provided. If for ANY reason these are not comfortable for you, we do ask that participation be placed on hold. Also, we do constantly monitor our program in all areas and should any area NOT be following these guidelines, please notify BEST Office at 623-748-9453 or so we can immediately address any concerns.


Parents, in order to maintain a very safe environment for your children we will ask that you answer the following questions prior to participation and arrival at the Class. We will be asking as a group if everyone has in fact read and answered all the questions and that you have answered NO to ALL questions. Your Specific City or HOA may have differing or additional questions we may ask as well.
For B.E.S.T. You MUST conduct your own Temperature checks 15 minutes prior to the start of class. Your participant must be below 100.4 per CDC guidelines. We prefer no abnormal Temp – why risk it. You will be asked…Has anyone participating or in contact with participant had 100.4 of higher as of this morning prior to class? Some Cities we will be requiring us to conduct TEMP checks and in this case please prep your kids for that experience.
If BEST SPORTS is conducting TEMP CHECKS at the time of Arrival. (for select locations a set up similar to this could be implemented)
Upon Arrival please stand in a Hula Hoop and wait for a Coach to come over to clear you out of the hoop. Please do NOT have your child touch the hoop. Upon being cleared you can bring your child over to a spot that has been placed 6 feet apart from one another. If your child has above 100 we will ask that you cool under a tree or go back to your car to cool off. PLEASE DO NOT COME EARLY and have your child run around!!!! If your child maintains above 100.4 (after 2 checks) you will be asked to take the day off.

Questions you must answer NO to…prior to class but will be asked again at time of class.

Have you had a fever within the last 24 hours?
Have you had a cough or sore throat in the last 24 hours?
Have you traveled from overseas in the past month?
Have you had direct exposure to a known COVID-19 patient?
Have you had unexplained fatigue, body aches, or headaches in the last 24 hours?
Have you lost your sense of smell or taste?
Has anyone in your residence displayed symptoms of COVID-19 in the last 14 days?

PARENTS Continued

  1. You could be asked to participate as a helper with your child since Coach interaction is not permitted/recommended as it once was.
  2. Parents are encouraged to wear a mask per CDC and local health official guidelines if they cannot distance with other families more than 6-feet.
  3. Your child will NOT be asked to wear a mask while participating unless required by your City or HOA. We do ask that children over the age of 6 do before or after class as per City guidelines if they cannot properly distance.
  4. EQUIPMENT (you will be asked to bring certain equipment in order to minimize sharing and contact sharing)
    Soccer – please bring a soccer ball
    Baseball/Softball – please bring hitting T, whiffle balls or Jug lite flight, and a hollow plastic bat
    Basketball – please bring a basketball
    Track N Field – no equipment needed
  5. CHECK OUT HYDRO DIPPING if you like – it could be fun to personalize your kids equipment,

COACH PROVIDED INSTRUCTIONS: (PLEASE NOTE – Based on local ordinances, these can be changed at ANY time).

  1. You are required to wear a mask should you not be able to maintain 6-foot distance. In other words, if you want to provide hands-on assistance a mask is requested otherwise please maintain 6 feet as possible (required in City Park and Rec programs). Note: We will be asking parents to facilitate with their own kids so there is no close contact with Coach.
  2. Upon arrival place hula hoops 15 feet from area of play, in the path of entry and 6 feet apart for participants to stand. Upon being cleared parents can bring their kids to a spot. Please wear mask to take temps.
  3. Please place all spots 6 feet apart to allow for kids proper distancing. U Shape is preferable so they can be as close as possible so they can hear you all the while maintaining distance.
  4. Use props across from spots to facilitate running paths and direction.
  5. Conduct all activities so they are individualized activities to reduce or eliminate sharing of equipment.
  6. You can see from above, parents are required to bring base equipment.
  7. Only 1 Parent is asked to facilitate, and they will be encouraged to wear a mask. (possibly required based on local Mayoral or Governor mandates in each location)
  8. Any equipment utilized by children should be sprayed or cleaned between uses (as possible.) Beginners Edge Sports Training will provide a spray or reimburse for the spray.
  9. For those Cities requiring a temp check Beginners Edge Sports Training, LLC will provide a no-touch thermometer to use or reimburse cost.
  10. No stamps or huddles at the end of class but air hi-fives/distanced cheer should be substituted.


Parents if you are doubtful, skeptical, unsure, have trepidation about your children’s participation in the class due to children interacting with others, please reconsider your participation in class unless you have a special superhuman power to stop children from interacting with each other. B.E.S.T. does NOT Refund. We Credit B.E.S.T. accounts based on our policy posted on our website. B.E.S.T. and all its members will do our very best to maintain and keep a safe environment but there is no possible way to stop human nature from happening. For this reason, go with your gut, we support your decision to do what is best for your family.

This announcement was in AZ re: Face coverings: At the time of generating this, Under Governor’s reopening guidance, all participants 6 yrs and over are encouraged to wear cloth face coverings except while participating in physical activity. Please bring and expect to wear a face mask or covering for the safety of you and others – when NOT participating.


Beginners Edge Sports Training


Arizona and California

We have OPENED for camps & classes in our new Scottsdale Sports Center! Camps opened accepting only 30% capacity. Classes are accepting a MAX of 8 kids per class. New safety procedures are in place! Welcome back everyone!

Parents, first we hope all is well with you, your family members and friends. We have been listening, learning and speaking to many parents and our counsel getting opinions and advice. Needless to say we are eager to begin the first steps to getting things back to “normal”. We have created a “tentative” game plan. Here are our updates and our plans to begin the process of opening in a safe way and within safety guidelines. Remember, our facility is brand-new and couldn’t be cleaner!


We are in the preparation stage to open our camps for the summer starting May 26th. For those already registered we will call you to discuss options. For those with credits this is a great opportunity to use them! Should you register with your credit and we need to wait to open we will place the credit back on your account. For those paying to hold your spot, we will call you with your options. Here are just SOME of our guidelines…

  • New drop off & pick-up procedures
  • Car-to-door Drop-off and pick-up so your child has 4 steps to walk through our camp doors.
  • Personalized appointments to drop-off children under special circumstances.
  • New child hygiene procedures throughout the day
  • New equipment cleaning procedures after EACH use
  • A dedicated cleaning person cleaning & sanitizing throughout the day
  • New small-group flow/rotation of children and facility procedures (smaller groups with a dedicated lead coach rotated within different rooms for distancing purposes.)


  • We are also planning on opening classes with limited numbers (8 max per class) over the summer. Our Space is LARGE and we will have 2 classes going at the same time – one on the East Side and one on the West Side.
  • We are altering dates and times this week so we can comply with safety measures. We will have these ready to go by May 8th online to hold your spot.
  • Classes will be held with LIMITED numbers and extended hours (later in the evening hours) since as we all know our kids are no longer maintaining the same hours as they have had in the past.

SHORT TERM PRIVATE LESSONS start May 11th by appointment only
We are also planning on holding private lessons at our facility for family members by appointment only. This means, if you want to hold privates with ALL of your kids at the same time, we will. It will be a one price for all. So, if you have 1 kid = $55 for 55 minutes, 3 kids = $55 for 55 minutes etc… This will make it VERY easy!

We have been creating and posting FREE Mini Classes online for the past 2 weeks. We encourage you to check them out on our FB page or our YouTube Channel. These are being made DAILY by Coaches in AZ and CA so your kids can have something fun to do. We are creating and editing these from our homes and we hope you like them!

Lastly, we will resume limited office hours beginning May 6th as we try to resume any sense of normalcy and hope to transition back to our facility once it is safe to do so. We would love to hear from you so, feel free to write us at and provide us answers to the following questions.

What safety procedures would you like to see in place to make you feel comfortable participating in Camps and Classes?

  1. How do you feel about wearing a mask?
  2. What can we do to make you and your child feel safe?

Before you answer:

  1. We are modifying the camp drop-off & pick-up procedures, so no parents are indoors, unless with an appointment.
  2. We will require washing hands MULTIPLE times a day.
  3. We have plenty of hand sanitizer and disinfectant cleaners.
  4. We will have a dedicated cleaning person disinfecting the entire time. (facility and equipment)
  5. We will be taking temperatures on arrival and if needed during the day.
  6. Please know, whatever your feelings are concerning resuming our day-to-day life, we respect each of us will do the things we deem appropriate for our families.

Thank you for your patience as we continue to navigate this very difficult time for our business and our lives. We all are looking forward to seeing you all soon. Stay safe and healthy!


Mitch, DawnMarie & the BEST SPORTS family of Coaches

Hello Parents,

Beginning Monday 4/13/2020 we will begin to issue B.E.S.T. Credits for all unused classes for the spring Session. As per our notifications on our website, our policies and advice from counsel, we are crediting the past session 100% onto B.E.S.T. accounts to be used anytime in the future.

Whereas there are many companies who will place a 12-month time limit on the use of this credit, B.E.S.T. will hold this indefinitely and you will be able to login to your account and see and use this as you would like. This credit can be used for anything you can register for on our website including Summer Camps, Classes, Clinics, Privates, PNO, Birthday Parties and more. (If you are a B.E.S.T. City Parks and Rec customer, they will be in touch with you since they control your account which is not through B.E.S.T.)

Our Summer Camps are online for registrations and our Early Bird pricing is AMAZING and you can use your credit for the camps. In the next few weeks, even though we remain closed, we will be placing Training Videos online from some of your favorite Coaches for your kids to watch and learn from. Although we will not be live for most of these, we will be for some of these so LIKE our Facebook Page and stay tuned into announcements there.

We certainly understand that this situation has put undue challenges for all of us personally, it has for us personally and professionally as well. We continue to do whatever we can to assist our employees during this time by applying for anything and everything allowed.

We hope everyone is home and healthy during this crazy time and we hope to see everyone soon as we plan to resume as soon as we are able.

Thank you to all the people we have communicated with and understand the challenges we face as a Company, and especially to all those who reached out in concern.


Mitch and Dawn Marie Goldberg

Hello Parents.

The stay at home order has affected us all greatly and certainly has provided direction on how we are going to manage the situation. At the present time, all Schools in AZ have been closed for the remainder of the year. With the news from Governor Ducey about the schools being closed, along with the Stay at home order, B.E.S.T. remains closed through April 30th. So, what does this mean for you?

  • B.E.S.T. will be issuing CREDITS on everyone’s accounts for this session once we know for sure we would not be able to hold ANY classes. BELIEVE ME, WE WANT TO HOLD ANY CLASSES WE CAN for the sanity of being able to bring our lives back to normal. The credits are Valid for ANYTHING you can register for through our website.
  • Upon providing a credit you will get a notification and you will also see this on your account when you log in.
  • We WILL re-open! We are not going anywhere. We just have to figure out how to ride this thing until we get the all clear to move forward. When this happens, we will let you know.

We truly wish everyone our best and we hope everyone is safe and healthy. Please stay tuned into our website and Facebook page. We will update these again as soon as we know something else.


Mitch and Dawn Marie

Your B.E.S.T. Family.

Hello Families,

Here is an updated response. No real change but please read through as we have questions for you we would love input on…

As we all go through our situations during this difficult time, Beginners Edge Sports Training does so as well. Yes, we are a business, home grown for 16 years here in AZ, but we are a family, a Husband and Wife team who not only run the business and work the business, we are a team with very valuable employees that count on us. We also care so deeply about each family and your kids and we love what we do. As a small business owner, with so many unknowns still such as

  • The content the Disaster Relief Bill which has yet to pass
  • With not knowing when and if schools will resume
  • Will the landlord work with us on a deferment plan to ease the burden of payments for a facility we just moved into last month and placed a lot of $ and effort into creating
  • Without knowing how you, the parents will make decisions as to when you feel it is safe to resume your children’s routine activities even when we get the go ahead by local govt.

Please note there are daycares still in operation and although we are not a daycare we are considering opening for first responders and Dr.’s but you will see that later in this correspondence.

It remains very difficult to move forward and make definitive plans on how we are going to proceed with extensions, credits, make-ups etc. So, as our offices remain closed, please know my wife and I are working daily to keep up with the updates of Gov’t information, consult with our attorneys and attempt to create plan A, B, C, D so we can overcome the enormous hurdles this poses for us both personally and professionally.

The heartbreaking thing is we know so many small businesses like ours that are in the same position and this situation is dire. As much as we are all competitors, I absolutely do not wish this on any of them and I do hope that their families are able to make it through this time. As a New Yawka – healthy competition is good right?

Now, our employees are all in different positions, some this will slightly affect them and others are hugely impacted and that breaks our hearts! It is also crazy to see sister programs in other states we know very well in the same exact position and they are in “low impact” states.

So, Thank You Everyone for being understanding during this time of complete uncertainty.

Now, here are the 2 questions posed to us from customers which we would love input on. (please cut and paste and email me at

  1. Do you have any suggestions what BEST can do for your children while they are home?
    1. Someone suggested live classes but the issue is everything we do requires equipment and we have not been able to figure out logistically how to do this but we are open to suggestions.
  2. “Would you open up as a DayCare program at the facility during this time of need for many parents that have to work? We see many daycares are still open.
    1. We have already mapped out keeping the kids in small groups and separated and how this can work but would you the customer be open to this, B.E.S.T. is on the fence about this as we feel safety is and should be our #1 focus?

(I understand people will be very passionate about this last question and I completely respect that, but I do ask that civility be practiced when providing a response.) Our thoughts are that this can be a valuable resource for first responders and medical professionals that must go to work.

Well, that’s really all for now…I will await any response and we truly hope all our family and family of BEST Friends and Players are staying healthy! Wishing each of you the BEST,

Mitch & Dawn Marie Goldberg

Co-owners of B.E.S.T.


UPDATED 3/17/2020

To our B.E.S.T. Families,

We care deeply about our families, and your safety at our locations across the Valley. We’d like to take a second to update you about some very hard decisions we have had to make regarding COVID-19 and how this affects your classes. In order for us to protect our families and coaches/staff and in an effort to “flatten the curve”, we have postponed all indoor and outdoor classes throughout the Valley until March 31st. We feel this decision is what is right in these uncertain times. As always, if you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us and we will do our best to answer you as quickly as we can, but please know we are fielding hundreds of calls every day. Remember, our plan MAY change as we near April 1st and we will keep you apprised of any new information. This week our staff is reviewing whether we will be creating make-up days and/or applying a credit to your B.E.S.T. online account which can be applied towards a future season, class, camp, birthday party etc. Pls note, we will begin to process credits to B.E.S.T. accounts when there is greater certainty of the situation and when more information is available as we near March 31st.

Our plan as of TODAY, 3/17:

  • Our outdoor classes should resume on April 1st
  • Our indoor Kierland Sports Center classes should resume on April 6th
  • Our School Enrichment Programs & City Parks & Rec Programs will continue to be governed by information from the schools and City governments directly. Our City Coordinators will be in touch with you directly.

Please know that our B.E.S.T. Family is so important to us and ultimately that is why we have made this decision. A few of you have reached out to us with kind words and support and we thank you for that! Thank you all for your patience and understanding in this time of uncertainty.

Wishing each of you the BEST,


Mitch & Dawn Marie Goldberg

Co-owners of B.E.S.T.


Have Questions About Our COVID-19 Policies?